3 ways to enhance your scenes in Poser with imported content

Sep 23, 2020 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

3 ways to enhance your scenes with imported content

Poser allows creators to import and export various types of content such as background images, movies, and 3D objects. This allows creators to use third-party applications to create textures, background scenes, and clothing that can be used to enhance scenes.

Most content can be imported by simply navigating to File > Import. This allows users to bring both Poser and non-Poser files into scenes. These could be images, movies, or props (which users can convert into Poser figures

Pro tip: Poser 11 supports drag and drop import of supported file formats. Simply open Windows Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac) and drag a supported file format into the document window. The applicable Import Options dialog will appear so that creators can specify import options.

How to Import Background Pictures into Poser

Creators can also import static images as backgrounds. For example, if users are creating a scene with Poser characters in a room with a window a background image can be used to simulate the view from the window.

Select File > Import > Background Picture to open a standard Open dialog. This allows users to select the image’s format and location. As with movie imports, users are asked if they wish to resize the Document window to match the imported image, and the results are the same as described above.

Changing the aspect ratio of imported images can introduce unwanted artifacts into the scene when rendered and can result in blank areas on the sides of the Document window. To avoid this, resize the Document window or import correctly sized images. Poser supports importing background images in a wide variety of formats, like BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and even Photoshop files.

Users should import Background Pictures while the document window is in its docked state and try to light the scene in a manner consistent with the background to blend them together.

How to Import Movies into Poser

To import movies, select File > Import > Background Footage. Creators can use imported movies to add background action to usersr Poser animations. For example, users could have a scene with two Poser characters sitting on a train with an imported movie showing the scenery rolling past as if the train was in motion.

If the imported movie’s size or aspect ratio is different than the current Document window settings, resize the window, like when importing background images. It is recommended that users only use this option while the Document window is docked. Selecting No “stretches” the Document window to accommodate the movie. Users may see areas of the Document window not covered by the imported movie.

Pro tip: Imported movies will begin at the first frame of usersr Poser animation. If the animation is longer than the movie, the movie will remain in the background paused at its last frame. If the animation is shorter than the movie, users will see Frames 1-X of the imported movie, where x is the number of frames in the Poser animation.

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