Downloads - Poser 11.2

Thanks for your interest in Poser. You can download and evaluate the app at any time. The app includes a 21-day free trial period after which you will be prompted to purchase a license and receive your serial number. You will need this serial number to register and download the additional content included with Poser. Please protect your serial number. Usage of the serial number beyond the allowed number of seats or excessive content downloads may temporarily disable your ability to use the software.

After purchase of Poser Pro 11 you will have access to over $900 in FREE new content that you can view HERE as well as all of the legacy content and figures that previously came with prior versions of Poser.

If you are arriving from the Smith Micro Download Manager, welcome! You can download the appropriate installer for your operating system below. The main installer for Windows is named "Install Poser 11.exe" and the main installer for Mac is named "Install Poser 11.pkg".

Windows Files

Install Poser 11.exe 1.3 GB 01-18-2020 01:01 pm Download
PoserSupport.exe 295.3 MB 01-18-2020 01:01 pm Download

Download Additional Files (License required)

Mac Files

Install Poser 11.pkg 1.4 GB 01-18-2020 01:01 pm Download
PoserSupport.pkg 410.5 MB 01-18-2020 01:01 pm Download

Download Additional Files (License required)

Installer Instructions:

  1. Download the installer
  2. Run the installer
  3. Follow the prompts to complete installation