Exploring Poser Pro 11.2: The 21-Day Free Trial

Oct 09, 2019 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Pro 11.2 Features

The main reason we introduced the free trial period in Poser is pretty straight-forward. We believe Poser's ability to help users tell stories visually is unique among the 3D software available in the market.

Even graphic professionals who use high-end software costing thousands of dollars tell us stories about using Poser to capture that first iteration of a visual idea or concept because of its ease of use.

We want potential customers to have that creative experience before they purchase.

Another subtle difference with Poser 11.2 is the fact that you can download the full software over the internet before you purchase with no restrictions other than the time limit. Of course this is necessary for the free trial, but we believe customers who have downloaded the software and used it to express themselves visually become vested and are more likely to adopt Poser as part of their daily work-flow.

Also, we know that software can take a while to learn, especially advanced 3D software. We started with the idea of a 7-day trial, then 15-day trial before landing on 21 days as enough time for users to assess Poser's value.

When you download the full version without purchasing, you will see a count-down of free trial days remaining in this dialog.

The 21-day trial also gives users time to explore the rich online communities centered around the use of Poser and related software. It only takes receiving that one expert tip in the online forums on how to improve your current art project to see the value of community and the cast of characters that gather and help each other there.

To avoid potential abuse, Poser's free trial offer is machine-locked and version locked. This means that once you have exhausted the 21-day free trial for a particular version of Poser, a purchase is required to resume usage. There is no local manipulation of files that can extend the trial on a given computer. The good news is that when the next version of Poser comes out, everyone will once again receive a 21-day free trial.

If you enjoy Poser, we hope that you will tell your friends about the free trial offer. Perhaps they will be collaborators on your next creative project.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels