Exploring Poser Pro 11.2: How to use the new store search

Oct 02, 2019 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

How to use the new store search

Over the next few weeks, we are going to explore some new features in Poser Pro 11.2. This week we'll take a look at Search. 

What we did

In previous versions, the filters were cluttered, and finding what you want required a lot of scrolling and, well, searching, before you could even begin the process. It wasn't a very streamlined experience. And then it took forever, even if you were searching your own runtime.

That's why one of the first things we wanted to fix was the ability for you to find the things that you need easily and quickly.

To accomplish that, we refactored the minimum basic runtime to eliminate redundant files and consolidate legacy content into one easily searchable database. This also helped improve performance because the program doesn't have to look all over the place for what you want. It's all right there and accessible. (We'll explore this more in a future blog post.)

Then we looked at your Library.

In your Library, you'll find three tabs: Library, Search and Favorites.

Now if you want to search for an asset, click on the Search tab. This automatically defaults to searching your runtime, including folders.

If you want to search online, click on the Store Search Icon (the cloud with a magnifying glass), enter your keywords and select the asset you would like to purchase.

This will direct you to the Renderosity Marketplace where you can purchase the asset and download it directly into your runtime.

What you do

When you are working on a 3D project, you are usually short on time. You need that old truck and a red-headed female to complete the scene. You could build it yourself, using premium software but that would take too long to model.

So you turn to the search icon in Poser. Through the search icon, you can browse pages of Poser-ready truck thumbnails from inside the program. 

When you find one you like, you click on it and find more full-size promo images and a description. From there you can open a browser window where you can buy it and download the ZIP file and install it directly into your runtime.

Installing assets is easy too. Just use the Install from Zip tool under FILE / Install from ZIP Archive and then hit refresh on your downloads folder to find your new items. 

Then you can do the same thing to find the perfect red-headed female character from a talented artist in the Netherlands.

Just repeat the purchase process and download. Viola! Your project is done in hours versus days.