Poser 12.0.471 Released

Apr 06, 2021 at 01:52 pm by Michelle Willard

Poser 12 Update: Integrated downloadable content, Material Room improvements in latest release

The latest Poser 12 update integrates purchases made from the Poser Software website, improves the downloads process, and usability of the Material Room for content creators.

Version 12.0.471 of Poser has been released to the public and can be downloaded at posersoftware.com/downloads.

With the new purchases and search integration with PoserSoftware.com, you can easily purchase and download content directly from the Poser website. This includes Poser software in addition to third-party DLC from the Poser Store.

The Poser Store has long been home to Poser's core figures, Content Packs and individual products for purchase. But now you can easily track your purchases and download them directly to Poser 12. You can still purchase content as a guest without creating an account.

To keep a record of your purchases, simply register with the site at posersoftware.com/register. All we need to get started is your name and email address.

Once you create an account, you'll have a dropdown menu that lets you manage your account and tracks previous purchases. And you can purchase DLC and download it directly through your Poser 12 library.

Along with this improvement, you can now see the size of a download in-app and manage the download process more easily with cancel and resume options. This applies to both purchased and included DLC.

Improvements in the Material Room 

The Material Room's new "Replace All" button makes applying a new texture map a breeze. The new button in Texture Manager gives users the ability to replace all occurrences of a texture map with a newly selected texture map in a single action. When you click the Replace All button, it opens a drop-down list to replace all occurrences of a texture map in a material, object, or the entire scene.

Additionally, you can now drag-and-drop an image map in the Material Room to replace an existing image map node.

Easier licensing

In addition to the improvements included in the latest update, we've made it easier for resellers, academics and businesses to purchase licenses.

For Resellers, we don't require them to carry any inventory. We offer access to our reseller portal for resellers to manage their customer licensing needs around the clock. And the installation and add-on files can all be accessed easily through our downloads area. For large software resellers, we can provide you a personalized quote on bulk licensing if you'd rather buy a block of licenses.

For Poser Educational & Academic Licensing, we offer discounts to institutions as well as students. Just like resellers, we offer around-the-clock access through our website or the ability to buy in bulk.

For large businesses and institutions, we offer multi-seat licensing to simplify the installation and the management of your license keys. We can provide you a specialized quote on Poser 12 multi-seat licensing quickly.

No matter your licensing needs, we can make it very easy and affordable. To learn more about licensing options and pricing, contact us. https://www.posersoftware.com/webforms/1.

Other improvements and bug fixes

• Python API now has the ability to delete morphTarget and the ability to remove a morph from an actor.
• Added PoserPython actor locking functions.
• More hard-coded paths in the Mac Python framework dylibs fixed to improve bundled Python command lines tools, modules and apps.
• OpenGL Comic Book Preview: Last Draw checkbox option added to improve quality of geometric edge lines.
• Purchased Python script products now appear in menu immediately when installed from the content library.
• FBX Export texture map improvements.
• Popup menu option added to hide Key Count displays in the Animation palette to significantly increase vertical scrolling speed.
• Derivative variable nodes no longer leads to a crash either by entering the Material Room or rendering.
• More improvements to avoid OPTIX render failings in cases where OPTIX doesn't yet support ray tracing nodes, for example, ambient occlusion.
• Code changes made to OPTIX GPU in order to help avert SuperFly render crashes if the Anisotropic BSDF tangent node is plugged in. NOTE: OPTIX will still crash renders if the user connects the UV port to a tangent node.
• Undo and Redo menu entries no longer become garbled in Japanese version.
• Fixed issue with login dialog when asked to verify purchase.
• Certain missing text characters in material export files names fixed.
• Japanese and German localization improvements to Save to Library dialogs.
• Japanese localization: Duplicate modifiers keys K and J removed from the display camera menu. Ctrl/Cmd+K General Preferences and Ctrl/Cmd+J Make Movie are now the key shortcut modifiers.

Poser 12 for Mac Specific Improvements

• More improvements to saving custom key modifiers in the Shortcut Editor after restarting Poser.
• Improvements to bundled Python command line tools and apps, fixed hard-coded paths in the Python framework dylibs.
• Installer improved to retain previous prefs now allowing the user to launch Poser using existing or backed up UI and library settings.
• FireFly rendering no longer locks up Poser on Big Sur Mac OSX.
• Bug fix: Hitting keyboard delete/backspace key when library is focused no longer causes the library to go blank.

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