Announcing Poser 13.2 Release

Dec 15, 2023 at 11:15 am by Staff

The Poser team is pleased to announce the public release of Poser 13.2.581 for Windows and Mac.  This is a FREE update for customers that already own a Poser 13 license.  We would like to thank our beta testers and early adopters for the feedback that always makes Poser better.  Here is a summary of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Rendering and Settings Improvements

In addition to parsing device names for keywords: optix, gpu, cpu, cuda, also newly added in checks for "metal" to act like "gpu"for Render Presets.

Render Presets are now sorted. The menu sorting is case insensitive on both platforms.

Render Presets now include PostFx settings.

You can now pan render vertically if compare render is smaller than current render.

Recent Renders no longer shows distortion when Render Comparison slider is adjusted. Corrected painting artifacts when smaller compare render swipe was not setup to repaint the background.

Fixed redraw issues when you compare renders of varying sizes, pan, float the Render window and resize it.

Improved rendering time of 3D Texture node hooked up to a Volume.

Improved the Render Tear-off window.

Area render after a full render no longer causes full render to be deleted from the render cache.

"Thank you. Smooth as glass." - parkdalegardener

Material Room Improvements

Drag and drop simple mats, drag an image onto a node, drag in a group of maps with correct labeling with auto wire to the correct nodes.

Added recognized texture keywords to Material Room Help windows for knowing what keywords filenames are used.

Improved the HDRI viewport.

Fixed severe slow down when re-loading animated materials.

Mac Improvements

Fully signed Mac installer and app now allows easy installation

Fixed issue where loading a shader material from the library could crash Poser.

Fixed issue where clicking on PostFX could cause crash

Resolved issue with Mac library signing affecting Content Library downloads.

Python menus are now sorted. Python Scripts get alphabetically sorted in Poser Scripts Menu hierarchy.

File Not Found, continue to look for missing files yes/no warning dialog correctly launches.

The Notifications panel Read Me links correctly open notifications artcles in a separate browser window.

Fixed the Notifications panel to correctly launch and delete article posts.

Make Movie Improvements

Fixed issue where selecting Firefly in Make Movie could cause crash

Improved Make Movie Dialog for work flow clarity.

Corrected the ability to change the movie output folder.

Added Include Audio check to make movie dialog.

Create Subfolder option to Images Path Render.

Image path now set to the current pz3 name and filepath with new 'Use scene name for sequence' checkbox option.

Cleaned up UI window formatting and dialog and added new options.

"Nice, well done.  So far creating content in P13 has been smooth and problem free for me." - dreamcutter

 Miscellaneous Improvements

Fixed issue where empty/malformed geometry could cause a crash loading certain scenes.

Fixed issue where saving ground material on empty scene could cause crash

Fixed issue where loading wrong PMD could cause crash

Cloth Room: Added cloth presets. Saved cloth presets now correctly showing slider if pane is docked.

Added option to save OBJ geometries in geometry folder.

Made a change so that Hierarchy lists that have multi-selection enable, will open with all currently selected nodes visible.

Floating palettes now correctly respect minimum size.

Float/dock the Render tab panel, correctly stays on and displays the Render panel.

Added Material save to library to create new thumbnail and save option to not replace library thumbnails.

Saving to Library with Keep Thumbnails enabled correctly creates a thumbnail on the first save.

When saving Pose, scale the Additional pose data dialog no longer has Scale always checked. It now remembers the previous selection.

Double clicking view port splitters no longer makes them disappear.

When the Edit Tools palette is docked, the scroll bar correctly reveals the Morph Tool.

Browse in startup correctly sets filename in Poser when opening.

The "visibleInCamera" errors from the spotlights no longer occur when the preference for the launch scene is set to "Factory".

Made Graph palettes always open to max range of graph.

Corrected undo stack to release "Undo Add Graph Palette" when launching a Graph from the Parameters palette and using the Undo operation.

Improved Message Log to auto scroll to the bottom of the feedback list.

Animation layers composite method correctly update when clicked.

Corrected layout of store credentials dialog for proof of purchase license check for commercial Python scripts

Barring any necessary service releases, this version likely marks the last of version 13 as the team turns their sights towards version 14 in the new year.  More on planned features for version 14 will be disclosed in the coming months.

How to Download

The Poser 13.2 software can be downloaded at:

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