Poser Update 13.0.339 Released

May 24, 2023 at 10:21 am by Staff

The Poser team is pleased to announce the public release of the second major update to Poser 13.0 for Windows (13.0.339).  We would like to thank our beta testers and early adopters for your invaluable feedback that always makes Poser better.  Here is a summary of fixes and improvements included.

Rendering improvements:

  • Resolved crashes on certain GPU renders caused by uninitialized variables.
  • Improved render presets. Render presets for default scene adjusted for low end systems.
  • Sped up cancelling of SuperFly renders. No longer waits for the whole scene actors and materials to set up.
  • Pixel shift and Gamma shift no longer occurs at the end of SuperFly render.

Material Room improvements:

  • Added new Legacy Scatter checkbox to PrincipledBSDF node to avoid SSS glow.
  • Materials created from inside a compound node no longer crash Poser if reloaded.
  • Clamped" mode is no longer ignored by node previews and renders.

Make Movie improvements:

  • Fixed Sound and Video Export Options to resolve sound issues and save easily as movie files.
  • Make movie path defaults to new User[name]\Documents\Poser\13\MovieCache folder.
  • Fixed an issue in the Make Movie Images path where it would revert to the default path upon clicking Change button.
  • Make Movie no longer attempts to apply 2D Motion Blur when it shouldn't.
  • Resolved corruption caused by 2D motion blur in SuperFly renders.

Lighting improvements:

  • Lights property Auto Hide removed. Lights stays visible or not visible depending on the visibility check box.
  • Infinity Lights now allow Set Parent.
  • IBL correctly turns on ambient occlusion when prompted.
  • Lights limited to 0 so negative values in lights no longer cause discolored preview.
  • Light meshes no longer disappear in the preview.

New General Preferences settings and improvements:

  • Maximum undo limitation increased to 200.
  • Misc tab, "Generate Scene Thumbnails" option to turn create scene thumbnail on or off to avoid overwrite saved renders with the same name.
  • General Preference> Render tab "Movie Cache" to allow users to set a custom movie path in their prefs.

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Added the ability to link runtime for Purchases and Included from previous Poser versions.
  • Arm symmetry no longer affects head actors. Fixed original 3 "swap arm" commands added 3 new "swap top" commands that swap everything above the waist.  Both the Figure > Pose Symmetry menu and the menu from right clicking a figure have been adjusted.
  • Internal names in Properties palette no longer change to numbers when importing FBX.
  • Block titles are no longer cut off in Parameter window.
  • General Preferences and Conform To... dialogs are back to their original size.
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